Crowns & Veneers Specialist

If you want to have a perfect smile and correct dental issues such as chipped or discolored teeth, then dental veneers could be for you. Rawa Hassan, DDS, and her team at Brookfield Family Dental Art in Brookfield, Connecticut, can help improve your smile by placing dental veneers on your teeth. Veneers are thin coverings that are placed on the front surface of your tooth to improve its aesthetics. To understand more about how veneers can provide you with a picture-perfect smile, call the office or schedule your appointment online today.

Crowns & Veneers Q & A

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells of porcelain or composite resin material that cover the front surface of your natural teeth. Veneers enhance the aesthetics of your smile because they change the length, shape, and color of your natural teeth. Additionally, veneers are stain-resistant, ensuring they’ll stay white.

People get veneers to fix a variety of dental issues, such as:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Permanently discolored teeth
  • Uneven or misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Worn down teeth

It’s important to understand that once Dr. Hassan cements the veneers onto your natural teeth, the process is permanent and irreversible.

What are dental crowns?

While dental veneers lay on the front of your teeth, Dr. Hassan can transform your full tooth, too. Crowns lay over your entire tooth like a cap, restoring its shape, size, and strength. Crowns are ideal when your tooth has experienced decay that’s compromised its structural integrity, especially if it’s a molar, which needs additional strength for chewing. 

What’s the process of getting veneers?       

Your first appointment with Dr. Hassan is a consultation. She takes the time to explain what having veneers entails, along with taking X-rays and impressions of your mouth. 

After your consultation, Dr. Hassan numbs the area around your treatment site. She then prepares your tooth for the veneer by shaving off a tiny amount of enamel from its surface.

Next, the dental staff takes impressions of your tooth and sends them to the dental laboratory to make your veneer. Dr. Hassan places a temporary veneer on your tooth while you wait for your permanent one.

At the following appointment, Dr. Hassan removes your temporary veneer and cleans your tooth. She then makes sure you like the veneer’s color and fit and makes adjustments to the veneer prior to cementing it onto your tooth.

What maintenance is required for veneers?

If you care for your veneers the same way you do your natural teeth, they can last up to 10 years. Make sure you consistently practice good dental hygiene, such as brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash daily.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to gum disease along the borders of your veneer. This can eventually cause your veneer to detach from your tooth. Dr. Hassan recommends you avoid bad habits such as biting your fingernails and chewing ice, along with other hard objects because it can cause your veneer to crack or break. 

Veneers can boost your self-confidence by giving you a beautiful smile. For further questions on veneers, call Brookfield Family Dental Art or schedule your appointment online today.

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